With over two decades of experience, we are proud to offer our services to Tasmanian small businesses. We are locally owned and operated which means you can speak to an actual person! We have a personalised and tailored approach, which means there are no system or hardware issues we are not equipped to solve.


Extensive services covering email, device & phone setup, maintenance & migration. Automate email systems so you don't have to remember to keep in touch with customers.


We are local, which means not only can you speak to someone local you can schedule an appointment with us and we will come to you.

Point of Sale

We can not only offer POS systems, we can build one unique to your business. No more searching around for the manual on how to get your machine to print labels!

Wireless & Remote

Supply & setup both wireless and cable internet services. No more waiting around for you know who to install your modem! We can even set you up so you can access your business computer from home. Because lets face it us small business owners work way beyond the 9 - 5.

System Optimisation

Would you like to run your business more efficiently? We offer advanced services to assist you in speeding up your customers journey. While we are there we'll run a system health check so you know you're in the clear.

Hand-Built Hardware

Every now and then we like to get our hands dirty. If you need something unique and specific or just want something super tailored to your business we can build your hardware for you.


Located in the picturesque town of Hobart Tasmania, Turnbull Computing has been operating for over two decades. With extensive knowledge, experience and expertise that we have gained throughout that time, we’ve been able to stream-line our clients systems and hardware to ensure that they are running at optimum efficiency.

We understand the importance of running a business at full capacity with the right technology and equipment. We also understand how frustrating it can be to run into I.T. issues when both you and your customers least expect it.

Specialising in MYOB Accounting & Retail Manager, we can not only support your front of house but we can ensure your back of house is running efficiently for you and you’re not spending unnecessary hours pulling your hair out trying to get your business systems to work!

A little fun fact:

A legendary account of the Turnbull name was told by Hector Boece, in his History of Scotland. Boece tells the legend that during the Wars of Scottish Independence William of Rule saved King Robert Bruce by wrestling to the ground a bull that had charged at the King.

So there you go, we come from a line of ancestors who actually wrestled bulls! I think we’ve got your I.T. covered.


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